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Egyptian parent Goose with young chick by the River Mole in Cobham
Egyptian parent Goose with young chick by River Mole in Cobham: click for a full view.
A couple of our nightmares of the western world

One of our nightmares is the worry that the western world will be led by two men with no green intent whatsoever. What we have in mind is that "Magenta"* George (aka Chancellor George Osborne) could accede to the prime ministership of the UK while Donald Trump could become the President of the USA. While our aim is to help improve the environment and we try not to be too political, it is impossible not to cringe at the thought of these two selfish individuals being put in a position of considerable power and influence over us.

Since Magenta George has recently exposed himself quite widely as an uncaring individual, it may be that he will not now rise to the supreme office of PM. Even then we might fret over an alternative possibility. As things stand a certain Boris Johnston is waiting in the wings! It has become apparent that many of the present UK's political leaders are products of the same extreme, elitist educational establishments and worse, ex members of an infamous, shameful and abominable, elitist club. This pejorative description applies to Boris as well as Magenta George (not to mention the incumbent PM amongst others). The idea that the west may be ruled, to some considerable extent, by the two blonde Goons (BJ and DT) is simply a new nightmare scenario for us.

* Magenta is the opposite (complement) of Green

But, for now, below is something much different and appealing.

RHS Wisley is about to embark on its 2016 Orchid display in the glasshouse
(From 2 April to 2 May).
To see what they are offering in the Glasshouse this year click here.
In the meantime perhaps you would like to see our slide show from an earlier orchid display below.
To start the show click on any image:

For previous Slide Shows, Movies and Galleries see the Archive section in the navigation menu.

By Gordon Shaw.

Pink Blossom in Oaks Park
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