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Magenta* George shows his true colour

George Osborne has showed time and time again that his interests are selfish and he has no time for honouring the Tories claim to be the greenest party. Currently he is engulfed in trying to get the Hinkley Point nuclear plant project off the ground. We consider nuclear energy to be the worst alternative to burning fossil fuels because of the inevitable dangers to the environment. George however is desperate to save face and build this nuclear power station in Somerset despite having lost support even from interested European investors such as the prominent backer EDF (Électricité de France). EDF's other nuclear power projects (Finland and Normandy) are way over budget and far behind schedule. Also Centrica (British, Scottish and Irish Gas) have stopped investing more money in the Hinkley Point venture. The reasons are the doubtful returns on investment, booming costs and likely failure to deliver on time. However, in our opinion there are other consequences of a different and much more serious kind which we outline below.

What is Magenta George doing then? In order to avoid an embarrasing U-turn he's approaching China and no doubt continuing to offer ridiculously high returns on the energy produced. The Chinese are not renowned for their genorousity and there is no knowing what other incentives they will demand such as additional major projects in the UK. Certainly there will be no commitment for the eventual clean up and we know historically that this can be an exceptionally expensive business where the British tax payers will always have to foot the bill. Perhaps more importantly there is no satisfactory strategy for the safe disposal of waste and this shortcoming has been responsible for the worst nuclear accidents ever. For example think of Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima in Japan where the waste, with nowhere to go, was stored on site. Of course Magenta George is not alone in forcing the issue here. There is his boss whose similar behaviour leads us to call him Magenta Dave and since they are the top two we have no hesitation on calling the Tories the Magenta Party.

* Magenta is the opposite (complement) of Green

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By Gordon Shaw.

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