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Mandarin duck at Wisley
Mandarin Duck on one of the ponds at RHS Garden Wisley; click for a full image.

This is the season when we can see exotic tropical butterflies at Wisley:
It offers a wonderful opportunity for photographers, however if you manage to visit, a word of warning. The butterflies are housed in the enormous hot glasshouse where the surrounding ambient is truly tropical. That means it is not only very hot, but the humidity is extremely high. At this time of year it is invariably cold outside and so the moment you enter the butterfly house your camera will be permeated with condensation. This takes several minutes to clear and it is not the best environment for lenses and cameras. Nevertheless if you try to keep the camera warm before going in and if you are patient, it is possible to take some remarkable photos.
Below is a collection of our pictures from a previous season.
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By Gordon Shaw.

Pink Blossom in Oaks Park
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