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Mallard enjoying the delights of a decorative fountain at RHS Wisley
Mallard enjoying the delights of a decorative fountain at RHS Wisley: click for a full view.
Send in the Clowns? Please don't!

With the EU referendum imminent we can't help but wonder what is upon us. The dilemma is well described by David Mitchell writing in the Observer (29 May 2016). Briefly, we think what David says is that the decision is based on factors so complex that most of us cannot begin to understand what is best. Thus what is the point of asking the public at large? And that is our view exactly.
We have elected a ruling party with a leader, David Cameron, who ought to know better than the man in the street what is better for the country and for the union. Clearly that view is not shared by himself or he would not be asking us to vote on the issue. Some would argue that if he deserves his position he ought to be able to judge better than us what to do and since he doesn't, presumably he hopes to cover his back.
However, if it transpires that the country opts for Brexit then the reality is the PM could be forced out of office on the grounds of lack of confidence from his MPs. In this doubtful scenario the leading Brexiteers would come to the fore. We are thinking Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

For a long time we have thought that we don't know enough, nor can we see into the future, to choose with certainty either Remain or Exit. But the above scenario helps us to make some kind of decision (albeit for the wrong reasons) and we are forced to say please don't send in the clowns, let's remain in.

But, for now, below is something to soothe the savage breast.

A ballet of seagulls on the river Mole, Cobham, Surrey after the floods of 2013-2014

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By Gordon Shaw.

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